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Italian Wine Tours

Like in a safari, I propose exclusive tours to track the Italian wines in their "natural habitats", where you get their real flavour and meaning, by tasting them in the right place, with the ideal food, with the people who made them, be it in star winery or in a traditional family estate.  Cipriano De Libero imagined Italianwinetours, after working for celebrated Avalon Wine Tours, and for premiere walking tours companies.  Cipriano, earlier field geologist and student, "Environmental Guide", got a PhD on the rocks that make the best Chianti and Brunello, then, of course, started to lead and design walking tours, in 1994.  During hundreds of tours he had to taste more hundreds of wines. This and the extensive experience of the Italian countryside, nature, history, and of course geology, lead him to create Italianwinetours "guide service" as early as 2001, one of the first -  maybe the first - such businesses in Italy. For package tours, IWT works is linked with Arnolfoviaggi Travel agent, and relies on Baccitravels for the transfers, as well as with some selected senior tour guides.

Cipriano is a licensed Environmental guide and a professional driver.

We propose tours, locations, wines, and walks that we like better, not only the usual best sellers. Like a boutique wineries that create wines that "they" like first of all.

What we promise is a great experience of the best wines and cuisine, joined with a full immersion in the Italian lifestyle. You pick up a region, describe us your expectations, and then can leave all the rest of the work  for us.

Tuscany remains a best seller. So we offer different tours there, and several daytrips.

Northern Italy. Our trips explore the Veneto, Sudtyrol and Friuli, Piedmont of course, and Liguria,from Cinqueterre to the Western Riviera.

Central Italy. Tours in Umbria and Lazio, around Rome, and in less known wine areas in Marche and Abbruzzo.

Southern Italy. In the cradle of the Mediterranean cuisine, we designed and run successful tours in Apulia and in Sicily. Two regions which are a treasure of ancient history and home of warm, intense, "black" and white wines.

Our choices, likely more than most people imagine, can be disorienting if you only know about Amarone, Barolo, Chianti and Brunello. So do not hesitate to ask and contact us for any detail. Our trips are always customized, price included, and we just love to call and talk with you directly.

Arnolfo Viaggi

Arnolfo Viaggi S.n.c. is a Travel Agent that takes care of logistics, bookings, and payments for the IWT package tours.

Anna and Iole love to handcraft each tour for their clients, just like IWT,  and - by chance - they are in business since 2001 too. Anna and Iole created this independent service because they share a passion for their work and for travels, and a friendship as well.
Their expertise of Italy's hotels,  transportation, and tourism in general, provides IWT with the most reliable logistic and office background. Each tour is handcrafted, case by case, following your taste, experience, and - why not - budget requirement.

Our Guides

Cipriano, founder, licensed Excursion Guide, and Geologist, has lead hundreds of tours for premiere American and Italian Companies, before deciding that he would do better in his own way.

Ute Meyer Wegerer has lead hundreds of cultural and walking tours for premiere German and American companies.