Wine Tour, what is it?

A tour that takes the wines, and the beautiful countryside, and towns where it is made, as the guideline of your holiday. Which means, in other words, that you get one of teh more complete and interesting experiences of Italy and history and culture.  

Simply because the wine made teh culture of this country, before the Romans already. Because today wine is an everyday thing, that one takes with moderation, with the meals more thanin front of a guru, and is connected with the stories of each regions, with their climate and geology, with their specific cuisines....  what else? Salute!

Why Italianwinetours?

Because it’s Made in Italy, first of all! And because to find, or taste again, your Italian wines, get a deep, full time, multichannel wine world  experience - country, real people, history, cuisine, curiosities... - you might be better off with a specialized, local, small, operator, than with  a large one selling the world. We are not a holiday factory, our people keep exploring wineries since 20+ years, making friends with wine makers, hotels, and restaurant people. For you of course, as well as for their own pleasure.  This is how we work.

Small is beautiful. Selling tons of tours, boasting tons of good comments does not mean running the best tours. ANd, anyhow, there is nothing such a "best tour" that fits everybody. Lapalisian? Perhaps... Packaged by marketing geniuses, they are are creatures - rather clones - of marketing rules, keywords and all the commonplaces that appear on the net. And they are always the same!  Of course they sell, so much that they subcontract them, too bad that you often end up in the most obvious spots, get the more touristic meals, elbowing with all kind of travellers, who worship Google, Tripadvisor, and Rick Steves.

The IWT guides, and Travel Agents, are first of all residents, with a passion for this job that “is better than working”, like a client put it.
We are here all the time, for the winter events too, we don’t just come over “for the season”. We keep searching, scouting, finding new people and places, and  the best events for you to join a special tour each time.
Destinations: we focus on Tuscany, Southern Italy and the great Northern vineyards. “Only”, since we are not a holiday supermarket, and hence, we don’t subcontract our trips.

Hand crafted holidays.

Our tours are not genetically engineered, not replicants, they may be less than perfect, almost never on the first page. But if you found us, you are lucky, and of course we are lucky even more! Our tours have character, and are really tailored for you. Each is unique, since I refine them every year, and customize then for each season, and special event. More important, we customize it for you.
There are some people who travel to rest, while others run like commandos. Some run after the “best of the best” wines only (whatever that means) that a magazine, their wine shop, or a famous lawyer, tasted, categorized and numbered, other just want to drink and have fun, doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter what. Some like to walk, early in teh morning, and others sleep late, some love museums and churches, while others could not care less! And so on and on...
In each and every case, we plan with everyone. We write or call you back, you just tell us your travel style, expectations and budget Pretty soon, we tune, price, and time everything at the best, and we hand make - hopefully - the best holiday for you!

Posso fare in 3 giorni Veneto, Puglia, Sardegna?