APULIA or Puglia

 A  numinous, dazzling in summertime, light floods these ancestral coasts, the limestones and the red earth of Puglia, and the sea - it may sound like a commonplace - is clear and blue like anywherelse.

Endless vineyards and olive groves stretch between withewashed old towns, clustered around 1000 years old Romanesque cathedrals, guarded by time-honoured castles, separated by wild, and steep canyons.

Along the coast, lively fishermen towns mark the landings of the earlier Greek, the places ancient myths, stories of sailors and crusaders. 

Apulia is one of the most classic, less spoiled, Italian places.

Its landscapes are related with southern Spain or Greece. It boasts the finest Mediterranean cuisine - naturally vegetarian, seafood, meats - and produces more rich wines and olive oil that most other regions, like every Italian knows. Still it has been discovereed only recently by gourmet and wine lover travellers, which it welcomes with enthousiasm and with its legendary hospitality.