Where in Italy

Look at the Italian wine Map. There are vineyards almost everywhere, from Sicily to Campania, Latium, Abruzzo and Marche, to Valdaosta and Sudtyrol, hundreds of different appellations that make a wine tour in Italy a constant, exciting discovery. In some regions, small scattered family productions mostly for local consumption, while in many in others the viticolture is a major production, to reach the largest extensions of vines in Puglia, in Sicily in Veneto and Piedmont.   

We travel, first of all, where everybody wants to go,  to try the usual most famous wines: Piedmont/Barolo, Tuscany/Chianti Brunello, Veneto/Amarone. In facts our tours offer much more than that exploring the amazing variety of flavours and stories of many other wines that we -  the Italians - drink all  the time, and going to less famous and touristic, places and wineries when we can, to find the more genuine products and the less poiled people

In any case, we go to Tuscany first of all, our base, Puglia or Apulia my homeland, Sicily my best choice, which are becoming increasigly pupular lately. And, of course, Piedmont which has an amazing variety of light, medium rich wines, whites, reds, sparkling... Just as many as the great wine land of Veneto. Or should I better say the Northeast which includes Veneto, Friuli, Trentino and Sudtyrol.

There are other wine regions to discover: Campania, Sardinia, Abbruzzo andMarche, just to mention some, on which we have prototype trips, which are available , by now, only on request. 

Lodging. In each tour you should tell us if you wish to lodge in historical cities and small towns, in the quiet of a country resort, a winery if possible, or in a combination of both. 

How many wines. Our ideal tours focuses on one region, or at the best on two regions close to each other, during 7-10 days.  You get a full experience of one region or two, discover alot of secret wines and places, and relax.

Note.  No one can believe that he can  “see” most of Italy, and taste all its wines in one trip, it's hard, but you should come here more than once if you wish. If you are going to find, and buy such a tour, you will likely - in the style “it’s Tuesday, it must be Florence” - spend most of your time on a bus. In addition fuel is  expensive -  more than a good table wine - and is quite heavy on our budgets.

In conclusion,  if you can, please do ask Veneto, Piedmont, Tuscany - Amarone, Barolo, Brunello only - and maybe Rome in one trip, except if you have at least 20 days available.