Tuscany and Center Italy Tours

The Story, Day by Day, for example.

Day 1  Siena

Meet in Siena, enjoy a city tour with our private guide, and take time to wander around or shop. Transfer to our accommodation by the Brunello di Montalcino wine production zone - or stay in our hotel in Siena.

Siena, with its 14th century carefully preserved center, the majestic stately buildings, the long walls, is a splendid example of a whealthy Italian City State. It will embrace us in its narrow roads and display its red brick buildings and its gleaming white and black Duomo. The huge Medicean fortress now hosts the National Enoteca, where we can have a taste of  other Italian wines.

Accommodation: In Valdocrcia countryside, the Brunello and Nobile wines production  zone.


Day 2 Montepulciano and Pienza

In the upper Valdorcia we cross the celebrated rolling fields of the “Crete”, a hard clayey zone, populated by sheep and rare farmers. Once a remote area it is, nevertheless an icon of Tuscany, because of the most picturesque aspects that it takes during the year.  We visit Montepulciano, home of the  “Noble” wine, the first top, long agein among the Tuscan wines, first “supertuscan”, so to speak. The town boasts many impressive Renaissance  cellars, digged deep in the tuff rock.  We will visit two very wineries, taste traditional and “new” bottles of the Nobile and Rosso, and stop for lunch in Pienza. The village, historical Piccolomini family feud, was largely remodeled while Pious was Pope, and stands as a miniature masterpiece of Renaissance city planning. Today, however, its main appeals are perhaps the  great, insuperable “pecorino” cheeses, of any age and flavour, a gift of the above mentionedsheep and of top rank local cheesemakers. The reason for the cheese to be here is, evidently, to match and complement the Vino Nobile and the Brunello that come fromthe hills at its borders, like we will discover during our tastings at a winery, at a wine bar, or at a dairy farm.



Day 3-4  Montalcino and its country. Moscadello, Rosso,  Brunello.

Two days are devoted to Montalcino, a king of central Italy’s wines. The Brunello, with amazing concentrations, and 5 years ageing, stands as one of the three top big reds  in Italy. We visit the boutique little town, cosmopolitan pilgrimage point for every wine lover, but spend more time tasting and taking you to our favourite wineries, and winemakers in the countryside around. 

Out of comparative tastings, and trying contrasting winemaking styles, small family estates, large winemakers, traditional or “international” style wines,  cooler and warmer terroirs, you will find the favourite Brunellos. Those that fir better your palate and your style ignoring, eventually, the recommendations, classification, and points that the wine gurus and marketing can make.

Exploring Valdorcia, there might be time to visit the St. Antimo Abbey, an fascinating Romanesque abbey started in Charlemagne’s times, and - loveof the tradition ! - still served by few, silent French monks. At the right hours of the day, you get a chance to listen to their ancient Gregorian chants.


Day 5  San Gimignano

Drive or walk into San Gimignano, equally know as the better preserved Tuscan Medieval town, with its amazing towers, or, to the wine lovers, as the home of the Vernaccia. One of the few white Tuscan wines, an aromatic strong varietal wine that we will taste with some of the local specialties: pasta with saffron  and wild boar stue, sprinkled with, of course, Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

Accommodation: Colle Val d’Elsa or Florence.


Day 6-7  The Chianti Classico and Florence

Tour in the heart of the Chianti Classico, stop in the town of Radda, where the Black Rooster Consortium was established, and a light lunch-winetasting in the country.  In the afternoon second visit to a great winery and visit of a small wine museum.


Day 8. Departure

Farewell, late breakfast, transfer to the airport or train station.