The“Puglia walking tour” has been tested, and perfected over teh years, so that trails, hotels, wineries, dinners, picnics combine in the best way. Like a well aged wine, with all the aromas and flavours perfectly blended and balanced, it works perfectly. A great  combination of  easy country trails, rugged canyons, old whitewashed towns, and enchanting coasts with crystal clear waters.  The real Mediterranean cuisine is a plus too: tasty vegetarian specialties, alternate with great meats and great seafood, inland and on the coasts of course.
This requires preferably 9 days. We start in Trani, then go to historical Matera and to its canyon. Next the Murgia green and intensely cultivated, with the more famus medieval towns - Monopoli, Alberobello, Ostuni - and cathedrals. Last the Salento, southernmost part of Puglia and more exotic and fashionable in Italy, where we walk along amazing coasts, and visit the beautiful Gallipoli, Otranto and Lecc.

To complete the experience, the cherry on the cake are 3 optional extra days in the Gargano. that is the “spur” of the boot, so to speak. Gargano is an unspoiled, isolated mountain, with traditional villages like Vieste and Mattinata, famous sanctuaries like St. Michael, and amazing views on beaches and breathtaking cliffs.

In each of the four zones you can discover  distinct characters, landscapes, wines and cuisines. To comfort us during our enterprise, the wine tasting experience will follows the line of four big red, or rather “black” wines as they are called here. Nero di Troja, Aglianico, Primitivo, and Negroamaro, each one typical of an area that we visit, that perfectly match its dishes.