We feel the breath of history while walking in the more fascinating of the old world countries, and taste the best of the Mediterranean world. Culture, traditions, and cuisine. We explore the eastern Ionian Sicily walking on the Etna black lava slopes, along sunny trails and farmland of teh Hyblean Plateau, across small, silent canyons, and along the coasts of Sicily, between Syracuse and Capo Passero, landing of countless settlers, warriors, migrants and merchants over thousands of years.

Greeks sailors, Byzantines, Arabs, Normand warriors, Spanish landlords, have all been here, and their voices might still echo in the air, when the “Greek” wind blows, or the Scirocco brings red sands from the faraway Sahara. Each of them left a legacy of some kind. Temples and churches, castles of course. But also oriental spices, plants and fruits, new flavours and dishes that you only find here. And strange accents and words, exotic faces, since many blended here to remain. What we are looking for in a tour in Sicily is an immersion in a cocktail of stories, perfumes and flavors, beautiful seneries, people and ways that make this place an unique melting pot of the Mediterranean lifestyle.